Rashmi Profile

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Age 23 Years
Height 5"
Hair golden
Eyes Black
Bust A Cup

About Me

Hello how are you guys?

My name is Rashmi. I am 23 years old and I am from Hyderabad My family is Muslim and I loved to join Delhi escorts to do independent Escorts in Delhi and I have just joined this line now. Well, I work as a Delhi Independent escort. My eyes are big and my body is very soft. I feel good because the people here also love me very much. Here people are open-hearted. Every work is done by opening my heart. I am also a clear hearted girl. Whatever I like from my heart, It is very good to behave well with them. It is very important for me to please them.

I do everything that my client is happy with and anguish with them in every way. I do not let any deficiency on my side so that I get a chance to complain because I am very friendly and very fun. I love to joke with my client and I live in the mood of every time joke I do not feel good at being serious, but when I do, in a very wild way I make myself mad and he goes crazy behind me. you speak with a night you will be with me as I claim the next time you will very quickly meet me and have sex with me I promise.

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